AFRO-MUNDIALISM INTERNATIONAL is an International Academic Platform to market and promote this intellectual Pan-African Paradigm of this Twenty-First (21st) Century.

What, therefore, is meant by Afro-Mundialism?


Within the limits of political etymology or lexicology, it could simply be stated that:
Afro-Mundialism is a Modern or 21st Century concept of Pan-Africanism which aspires, in this techno-scientific era of our time, to finally and completely FREE the Blackman and Woman and Continental Africa (politically, economically, socially, culturally, artistically+, spiritually, morally and otherwise) from the so-called Dominant Free World (Western World) and its financial oligarchies, like the IMF, World Bank and the so-called Development Partners.

(PROF. H.B. MARTINSON), W.E.B. Du Bois Centre
Accra (Ghana) 1997
ISBN: 9988-7767-2-1

Indeed, this is the scientific stage of Pan-Africanism and above all, the final stage of the African (Black) Liberation Struggle and Colorism.


In order to realize this optional objective or leitmotiv, we need people who are seriously committed to the afore-stated principles.


Indeed, supporters who may be non-black people may simply be dubbed AFRO-MUNDIALISTS a la H.B. Martinson, my personal self.


According to the above definition, 21st Century AFRO-MUNDIALISTS may include
Miss Opera Winfrey, Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama, and many others.
And of course, Afro-Mundialists of past decades include Martin Luther King (Jnr), W.E.B. Du Bois, Marcus Garvey, Kwame Nkrumah, George Padmore and many others. The Quakers of both Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Great Britain who were mostly white people were great examples of Afro Mundialists from the past. All of these great people are and were Color Blind and hence cooperated with both Caucasians (Whites) and Blacks to realize Black Liberation and Freedom.


Hence, in the mind of a committed Afro-Mundialist, the most important goal to keep is to be AFRO-OPTIMISM, but not to have a color nor Racial mindset. Equally, Afro-Mundialists believe in the simple philosophy that for a piano to give good musical sound, one has to press both the Black and White keys.


Afro-Mundialists strongly believe in the co-existence and sincere collaboration between both the White and Black.


Indeed, as Afro-Mundialists or Twenty-First Century Pan-Africanists, we do not believe that “Pan-Africanism” should be the preserve or monopoly of ONLY People with Color (Black and Africans). No Sir!


This is a serious misnomer, scandalous and dangerous.

Initial Premise:

Both the Quakers of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (USA) and those of Great Britain—William Wilberforce, James Buxton, Granville Sharpe, William Pitt (Former British Prime Minister)—were All Whites.

Second Premise:

President Abraham Lincoln, who negotiated and signed The Emancipation Proclamation on 1st January 1863, was equally a white.

Third Premise:

Prof. W.E.B. Du Bois, in the establishment of his National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) at the Canada-America Boarder Post at Niagara Falls, was assisted by some White Folks.


And let’s not forget Booker Taliaferro Washington in the the establishment of his Tuskegee Institute in Alabama. He had been assisted by some of his white friends.

Equally, President Jimmy Carter, the 39th American President, who went all over Africa to assist in the eradication of the Guinea Worm disease is a white man.


Ronald Reagan, the 40th American President, assisted enormously in making every second day of November each year “Martin Luther King, Jr” day. Reagan was a white American president and above all, a very conservative Republican.


Additionally, it is important to establish that since the founding of the concept of Pan-Africanism (1897-1900) by Henry Sylvester Williams and W.E.B. Du Bois (1919-1945), in all Pan-African Congresses, white associates from the USA, Europe and the Caribbean have always been invited.


Therefore, to us AFRO-MUNDIALISTS, ever since President Barack Obama entered the White House (2009-2016), there can never be the slogan of “AFRICA TO AFRICA”, “BLACK POWER”! No Sir! To us as Sincere and true Afro-Mundialists, this will be deemed a manifestation of “Black Zionism” or “Anti-Racial Racism”. But our clarion call shall be for total liberation of the Black Race and Free Continental Africa. No Colorism, but Peace, Unity, Stability and Hope (“PUSH”!) for the Black Man and Woman through fruitful collaboration with their White folks for a peaceful world.


Suffice it to add that, as Afro-Mundialists, or 21st Century Pan-Africanists, we should not be deemed accommodationists or assimilationists. We do sincerely appreciate and respect the vision and mission of our senior colleagues in Pan-Africanism, the Egyptologists, the Mfundalists, those in ASCAC (aesthetics), and Molefe Kete Asante and his “Afrocentricity”.


Fellow Afro-Mundialists, as well as our associates and newfound friends I would wish to establish that:

Our Vision:

The Reality of a Total Liberation of the Black Man and Woman, including the Liberation of Continental Africa and the end to colorism (No Racism!)

Our Mission:

We hope to achieve our mission through a Ten Point Plan (T.P.P.) as explained below.

  • Free Visa entry to any country in continental Africa for the African-American including his/her family.
  • FREE African citizenship for the African-American who can contest the Presidency or any similar position like the local or ethnic Africans do. All that the African-American must do is to choose (either through DNA) any African country as his “Home” or “Ancestral” Country. Hence, this African-American shall be referred to for example as: “AFRICAN-AMERICAN-GHANAIAN” OR “AFRICAN-AMERICAN-NIGERIAN”
  • An African Common Market for our raw materials like oil, cocoa, etc to be traded at.
  • African High Command for the purposes of defending the continent
  • African Monetary Fund (African Dolla/Kwacha)
  • African Resource Centre for Cyber studies and Space Science
  • African Court of Justice
  • African University for Science and Technology
  • African “Golden Peace Corps” for human resources like doctors, athletes, engineers
  • African Centre for Food and Animal Husbandry, etc

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