H.B. Martinson

Professor Harold Boukary Martinson popularly referred to as H.B. Martinson is an author, professional public speaker, consultant, researcher and a linguist.

His area of expertise are Ghana Political History, Pan African History, Slavery, African and African American History.


He was born on the 10th of March, 1945. He is a native of Larbanga (Korli area, Nakpali) in the Yendi Municipality of the Northern Region in Ghana, West Africa. He is an indigene of Nanum (Bimbilla) and from the Dagomba tribe.


He completed the then Government Secondary School, Tamale (TAMASCO) in 1964. He graduated the Ghana Military Academy (GMA), the 1964/1965 Intake 7 Year Group. He equally belongs to the so-called “Russian Medical Corps” (Officer Intake GH. No. 168523) who were all trained under the command of the late Major F.W. K Akuffo (who was to become Head of state of Ghana) in 1978.


Universities he attended include:

  • Moscow State University, Russia (Former USSR). 1965 – 1969
  • University of Dakar (Chelkah Anta Diop University), Senegal. 1970 – 1972
  • University of Ghana, Legon. 1972 – 1975
  • Universite de Paris IV, Sorbonne, France from 1975 – 1978.

Personal Life

He is married with four (4) children. Three boys and a girl. His hobbies include: Reading, Football (soccer) and listening to African Contemporary music and country music. He speaks English, French, Russian, Akan, Hausa and Dagbani.


He is a former Ghanaian diplomat. He was a former lecturer at the Sokoto State University in Nigeria. He has also lectured at the University of Ghana Legon and the Methodist University College in Ghana. He has hosted a variety of very popular Radio shows in Ghana and a television show in Nigeria. He is a regularly invited political commenter on the news and many other TV shows in his native country. Professor H.B. Martinson has authored several published and unpublished manuscripts over his lifetime. He is an avid academic research fellow. He is a professional public speaker and is a consultant to governments, regional and international profit and not-for-profit organizations around the world. He owns and manages the Center for Ghana Studies (CDS) and Afro Mundialism International think tanks.


He is a Ph.D. holder in African studies. His Ph.D. thesis topic is: “Aspects of Pan-Africanism and continental unity (1900-1963)”. He propounded the New Pan-African paradigm of the 21st century as: “AFRO-MUNDIALISM”.

AFRO-MUNDIALISM” is a Modern or 21st Century concept of Pan-Africanism which aspires to finally and completely FREE the Blackman and Woman and Continental Africa (Politically, Economically, Socially, Culturally, Artistically, Spiritually morally and otherwise) from the so-called “DOMINANT FREE WORLD” (Western World) and its Financial Oligarchies, like the; IMF, World Bank and the So-called Development Partners.


Indeed, for us as “AFRO-MUNDIALISTS” or Twenty First Century Pan-Africanists, we do not believe that: “Pan-Africanism” should be the Preserve or “Monopoly” of ONLY People with Color (Black and Africans). No Sir!


In the mind of a committed Afro-Mundialist (all over the globe), the “Menu” for consumption is “AFRO-OPTIMISM”, but not color nor Race. Equally so, “Afro-Mundialists” (globally) believe in the Simple philosophy that, for a “Piano” to give “good musical sound”, one has to “Press” both the “Black” and “White” keys of the PIANO.


Hence, as “Afro-Mundialists” we strongly believe in the co-existence and “sincere Collaboration” of both the “white” (Caucasian) and Black.


There were some non-blacks that were “Color Blind”. They cooperated with both Caucasians (Whites) and Blacks to realize “Black Liberation” and Freedom.


Prof. H.B. Martinson is one of the stakeholder members of the W.E.B. DU BOIS CENTRE FOR CULTURE in Accra, Ghana in West Africa.

He is an accredited full member of the Ghana Journalist Association (GJA). He owns and manages the Center for Ghana Studies (CDS) and Afro Mundialism International think tanks. Some other organizations that he owns and manages are;

  • Northern Watch Institute

  • Nkrumah Academic Fellows Of Pan Africanism And African Political History

  • Ngeuma Scholars For The Studies Of Afro Mundialism (NGEUSSAM)

He is equally the owner of both the New Frontier Weekly Newspaper (1996) and the Bimbilla Mail Weekly Newspaper (2002).

Writing and Books

He is currently the author of sixteen (16) published and unpublished books. Some of his publications include:

  • The Political Philosophy Of Felix Houphouet-Boigny and World Peace (1992)
    Printed by Souvenire Press, Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire
    Summary: The political philosophies of the first President of Cote D’Ivoire.
  • The Hidden History Of Konkomba Wars In Northern Ghana (1995)
    Printed by Masta Press, Kaneshie, Accra. Ghana West Africa
    Summary: With special references to the so called Cow War 1914-1917, Pito War 1940-1946, and recently the Guinea Fowl war. The substance of this book is who owns Dagbon?
  • Africa In The 21st Century: I Speak Of AFRO-MUNDIALISM (1997)
    Printed by Web du Bois Center Press, Accra, Ghana, West Africa
    Summary: This book epitomizes Pan Africanism since its conception by Henry Slyvester Williams since 1897 in London via WEB Du Bois up to the 21st Century Paradigm, Afro Mundialism. The book explains how Pan Africanism has metamorphosed in its five-fold stages.
  • Politics In Ghana: From Nkrumah To Rawlings (2000)
    Printed by HB Martinson Publications. Accra, Ghana, West Africa
    Summary: This book is the political history of Ghana’s first Kwame Nkrumah to President Jerry John Rawlings.
  • Who Killed Ya-Na Andani Yakubu II? (2002)
    Printed by HB Martinson Publications. Accra, Ghana, West Africa
    Summary: This book is a clinical diagnosis of the Yendi, Dagbon Chieftaincy Crisis between 2002-2017. It also spells out the way forward for lasting peace and development in Dagbon.
  • A Handbook Of Commercial French for The Business Community, Bankers and Diplomats (2010)

    Printed by HB Martinson Publications. Accra, Ghana, West Africa
    Summary: This is a book that translate basic French and English for the business community and diplomats.
  • Libya’s Muammah Al-Qathafi: The Dessert Hawk (2012)

    Printed by HB Martinson Publications. Accra, Ghana, West Africa
    Summary: This book traces the historical antecedents of the country called Libya under the “Colonial Dictatorship” of both the Turks and the Italians. It should also be emphasized that just as Muammar Al-Qathafi was beastly murdered by Sarkozy and his NATO colleagues. So also his radical predecessor in the name of Sheikh Umar Al-Muktar (The Lion Of the Desssert) was murdered in just manner.
  • The U.P. and NPP Tradition: The Nana Akuffo Addo Factor (2016)

    Printed by HB Martinson Publications. Accra, Ghana, West Africa
    Summary: This book traces the genesis, pathogenesis as well as the revelations of the political tradition invariably referred to as the U.P. (UNITED PARTY) tradition. This is to say that from the era of J.B. Danquah via Prof. K.A. Busia to J.A. Kuffour and now President Nana Addo Dankwa

He is also a Publisher of academic textbooks.


H.B. Martinson has volunteered his time and expertise to push for great local developmental projects and charities. He is a staunch and committed member and chair of various not for profit and charitable organizations.


He speaks English, French, Russian, Akan, Hausa and Dagbani

Awards and Honours

He speaks English, French, Russian, Akan, Hausa and Dagbani

Current Projects

Professor H.B. Martinson is embarking on his long-lasting lifetime dream of organizing a massive global tour to teach, educate and inspire at least five hundred thousand (500, 000) people about the hidden and untold history of Ghana Political History, Pan Africanism, Slavery, African and African American history. He has dubbed this project as the 500K Project.


Prof H.B. Martinson is soliciting and working on funds to commence work on these projects;


Speaking Career

Prof. H.B. Martinson has presented numerous lectures for colleges and organizations for profit and not for profit.

Some notable public lectures he presented were;

  • W.E.B DU BOIS Annual Memorial Lectures
    Topic: The Total Liberation of Continental Africa and the Black Race: I Speak of AFRO-MUNDIALISM
  • PANAFEST 1997
    Topic: Pan-Africanism in the 21st Century: I speak of Afro Mundialism

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